To have a Second Life or not?

As part of an assignment this week, we were encouraged to check out the virtual world “Second Life.” According to Wiki, SL was established in 2003 by Linden Labs and as of 2014 has 1 million worldwide users.” The avatar I chose was the only gal wearing a fairly conservative pant suit–in contrast to the other choices of a handful of fair maidens clad in super-sexy clothing. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities ended between me and my avatar because as a non-paying customer I didn’t have access to making the avatar look more like me. Also, no chance of playing dress up because I soon discovered my wardrobe inventory consisted only of the clothes on my back.

Upon being teleported to my first destination, I arrived at the universal drop-off point on a beach. I was happy to be greeted by PrincessLilyLuna with a short “Hi,” but she quickly disappeared before I could respond. There were several other avatars at the same site and it was rather comical watching as we were all trying to figure out how to walk. I quickly picked up how to fly and was ready to try out some exciting distant lands.

I checked out the editor’s picks to try some destinations including Granmire castle and Black Elk (an eerie site based on a medicine man of the Oglala Lakota). Both of these sites were rather disappointing mainly because there wasn’t anyone there.

Up to this point I wasn’t a big fan of Second Life because the whole virtual world mechanics and landscape were awkward. Being in this fantasy land seemed like a rehearsed scenario of trying to engage in forced fun. Before completely throwing in the towel, I thought I would try one more spot –Flotsum Beach, that touted offering fishing tournaments. After traversing the little beach retail strip mall from one end to the other and realizing there was no one else there—including no fishing tournament—I decided to take my pole and go home.

2 comments on “To have a Second Life or not?

  1. Hi Sylvia!
    I had a similar experience to yours when it came to talking to other avatars. They seemed to communicate with ease to one another but it took me about 30 seconds to respond! I only talked to one girl and she was very nice and welcoming but I didn’t really want to bore her with small talk.
    I too took advantage of the editors’ picks. One was London City, one was Camtasia Resort & Spa, and the last was Morrill County. There was a decent amount of people there but like I said before I was still learning how to talk so I didn’t try and engage too often. Great to hear about your experience!


  2. Hi Audrey,

    I actually enjoyed reading your post and was super happy that your experience was much more pleasant than mine, You visited some really cool, exciting places unlike the ones I visited that were isolated and not populated.

    If I had more free time, I’d take some lessons from you on the finer art of getting around in a virtual world. It’s hard enough to keep up with family, work and school!

    Thanks for the comments Audrey…


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