“Discount Daa-ble Check!”

One of the things in life that gives me a cheap thrill is finding a deep-discount, clearance, bargain, or discontinued item in a store. My most memorable experience was 10 years ago when I wandered into the mall store, “Deb,” and purchased 20 sweaters for $1 each.  I still wear them to work to this very day!

This low-level thrill-seeking discount hunting has definitely extended to online shopping. There are so many great sites you can compare prices on items but I’ve always been loyal to bizrate. However, over the past year, most retailers are now featuring their products on Amazon– so I pretty much use Amazon as a one-stop shop.

The first mobile app I downloaded for shopping last year was Groupon. I’m in the Washington DC metro area and this is a great site for super discounts on restaurants, sports and entertainment.  I’ve also purchased car and home maintenance services through Groupon as well.  I downloaded the Safeway mobile app earlier this year and save a lot of money with the convenience of not having to cut in store coupons.

One of my favorite online discount sites is Retail Me Not, which not only features the best deals in retail stores and online—but also features beaucoup online codes that you can use at online checkout for deeper discounts. I hadn’t tried the online mobile app so I downloaded this week.  I wasn’t sure how you would use a coupon via mobile device, because some don’t have an actual coupon but usually say that no barcode required.  There are comments from users for each of the offers and it appears that depending on the restaurant, store or other establishment–they are prepared to do what’s necessary to render your discount.

My online version sends me emails with freebies and this week they included free samples for Dove moisturizer, Arm & Hammer Radiant White Toothpaste, Remington hair elastics (for the first 10,000), Huggies, Loreal, Aveda, etc. They also have free food offers such as bowl of chili at the Waffle House, free breakfast at IKEA this Saturday before 11 a.m., Schlotsky free sandwich with purchase of drink and chips, etc.  There are also tons of deep discounts on watches, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. There is even a free breathalyzer if you pay the $6.95 S&H.

You can customize your alerts on your mobile to whatever your heart desires. However, they don’t have the complete ability for a store like Safeway to replicate their mobile app. The best thing about Retail me Not is that I don’t see many stores or restaurants offering discounts that are not included.  This is your one-stop-shop for discounts.

Yay! “Discount Daa-ble check!”

12 comments on ““Discount Daa-ble Check!”

  1. I also love getting a good discount. I have to admit that sometimes I make purchasing decisions based on the coupon or discount offered. I feel like it almost justifies my spending habits when I can get something for a discounted price. My experience with Groupon is that the coupons sound very enticing at first glance, but the fine print usually deters me from actually purchasing the coupon. I would be interested in trying out the Retail Me Not app because I really enjoy retail shopping… maybe enjoy it too much. I have made many attempts to reduce my shopping habits, yet most attempts result in failure. Maybe the solution to my shopping “problems” is an app that provides discounts and coupons that can reduce the amount of money I spend on retail products.

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    • Hi Danielle,

      Yikes! It’s such a curse to be enticed by that dastardly discount! One of my favorite ways of saving money is after season sales, especially summer. Last year I got a $350 lawnmower for $99 at Home Depot. Even though I’m getting attached to online shopping — some stores you just have to cruise. I always buy my summer clothes in the fall, winter items in the spring, etc.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I like Dani, like a good sale. I have a slight…slight retail problem. Just ask Athleta and Bloomingdales. We are on a first name basis. I keep running into Retail Me Not here and there but have yet to take the plunge.
    I like the diversity of product you presented.
    As a mom, diapers are RIDICULOUSLY expensive so any deal on that is a good thing. You kind of need them after all.
    I also like the stuff to take care of me and I think Dove makes a good product so I’ll have to check it out.
    They can keep the breathalyzer though—Yikes!

    I tend to be judicious with my app choices because I hate clutter on my phone so I’ll try the site first. Thanks for the information.
    Oh…and nice job on the 20 for $20!


    • I’m like you Kelly– as far as not wanting tons of apps and being pretty selective about them. I go through and uninstall all those I don’t use in a couple of months just to be able to find what I need a little easier! Thanks for gonging the gatorgong!


  3. You had me sucked in at your first sentence, as I too am someone who enjoys finding a good deal. Wow – I can’t say I have ever found as good a deal as 20 sweaters for $20 though. I am less familiar with Biz Rate, although I have heard of it, but I am experienced with Groupon. I will have to look into Retail Me Not as well. While I have enjoyed many deal sites, such as Groupon and LivingSocial, I can’t say I love the number of emails that come with it (or really any discount site for that matter). While I have attempted to adjust my settings it doesn’t seem to help. Customizing my profile/alerts doesn’t seem to cut down the clutter either.
    I took a different approach to my blog this week and reviewed only one app, which was also a grocery store chain (Publix, rather than Safeway).
    Thanks for sharing your insights on how to shop for a bargain!


    • Howdy Kaitlin,

      Yes, It’s all about giving these sites a whirl. I wish we had a Publix in DC. I enjoy shopping there when I’m visiting my kids in Tampa. We are getting a Wegman’s up the street from me soon and they are the Cadillac of grocery stores. Great deals and an expansive deli, food bar and bakery. They originated in Buffalo where I am from and now I’m excited to have a little place like home near me so I can saunter the aisles and reminisce.

      Thanks for popping by!


  4. Hi Gatorgong!
    Favorite line read to date, “One of the things in life that gives me a cheap thrill is finding a deep-discount, clearance, bargain, or discontinued item in a store.” Love it!!! Ain’t nothing wrong with a cheap thrill or a deep discount! I also use Amazon for everything. It truly is a one-stop shop. I have never used BizRate. I’ll have to check it out.
    I have used retail-me-not often, but never Groupon. We don’t have a lot going on where we live so I have just assumed it wouldn’t be beneficial. I will also be checking that app out. I asked this question earlier…are you going to rate or review this app on the app store? I am curious as to how many of us are going to formally review the apps. Retail-me-not is a wonderful app. I think my app choice, Winn Dixie, may win the award for worst app, compared to all our classmates’ choices. I always pick the duds! Great post!!


    • Hi Leia,

      Oooohh — good question if I will write a review for the Retail Me Not app. Okay — you caught me. I am super bad about doing reviews but just you putting that question out there is reason enough for me to get off my best intention and thank the host of the free apps I so merrily use with little gratitude.

      Thanks Leia for reminding me that it would be common courtesy to render a few thanks where they are due!


  5. Hi, Sylvia!

    You touched on several very good apps. I wrote this week’s blog assignment on Groupon, so I can relate to you with that.

    Retail Me Not can also be a handy thing. I’ve used it several times to try to score some sort of discount. It can be very convenient (and dangerous) to have these types of apps know our favorite things to buy. Our bank accounts can suffer due to this.

    Thanks for your post!


    • Hey CJ! Now I am impressed that some of my male counterparts are bucking the system and actually using coupons or scoring discounts. Sorry I’ve been typecasting men up to this point as being less likely to use coups, but I just don’t see it too often. That might be because I’m a wee bit older, but I’m hoping that you millennial men are a different breed and joining the ranks of those of us that are confirmed “let’s save a buck when we can” crew. A special shout out to you and I’m banging the gatorgong in your honor tonight…bong!


  6. Ok, I had totally abandoned my retail me not ap because I did not have such a cool experience with what seems to be never ending discounts. I’m curious to go back and try out some of their options based on your experience.
    Have you been able to redeem any of those freebies, and if so, what was your experience?


    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes, give that retail me not another whirl. What I do is before I plan on going out to eat or shopping — I’ll check the app to see if the stores I plan on visiting have any current offers. With restaurants I usually check a couple and take the one that has the best discount.

      As far as the freebies — yes, I’ve had great experiences with receiving the samples but generally those only come to me via email and are oftentimes not easy to find on the app for some reason.

      One of the best freebies I received this week was from my Safeway app. I just went shopping today and received an extra $5 off as well as a free 50 count bottle of Sundown Calcium chews w/vitamin D regularly priced at $5.96!

      Thanks Sarah for stopping by! .


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