Google Search affords some fun memories!

Wow! Doing a Google search on myself was a real eye opener. I had searched myself a year or two ago and found a handful of mentions, but now technology does a turbo search on steroids!  Good luck with an older woman trying to keep her age a secret.  Good luck with any privacy!  I think we are all inherently private people, especially with personal information and I’m not a big fan of what you can find on a person.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a shaded past (thank goodness!) but I have a very unique name and can’t be mistaken with anyone else.

Yes, I expect that by nature of my job over the years as an organizational media spokesperson, that I would uncover many media mentions. Several years ago I also won an award in NYC where many people have said they’ve seen my acceptance speech.  Even though I had no idea at the time that the award organizers were going to post the quick acceptance on youtube, I feel somewhat violated that I had nothing to say about it. I guess in their strange way they thought they were doing me a favor.

There was one odd item though. Some girl had posted my name on saying she believed I gave birth to her half sister.  Ah, no! I also had never had a myspace account so not sure what that was all about.

I was completely amazed that 1,930 entries appeared. One of the fun discoveries was back in the 80s when I was the guest speaker in Lynbrook, NY at a veteran’s day.  The local newspaper had my picture in the paper with a big plaque they gave me and a local assemblyman even presented me the NY State Conspicuous Service Cross.  I was in the Marines at the time and my commanding officer didn’t want to do the speech so he sent me instead.  I was so happy to see the article because it was one of those  really cool fond memories being the guest of honor on a veterans day observance.  I’ll never forget how they treated me like royalty.

Even though I wasn’t able to scan through the almost 2,000 mentions, it did end up being a more pleasant experience than expected. I was extremely apprehensive that some old flame would do a smear campaign on me– but was relieved that I wasn’t the brunt of any fodder created when I wasn’t old enough to know any better!  I think my favorite, unexpected find was an article in my hometown newspaper when I was in high school talking about my adventures as a state officer in the Distributive Education Club of America, I don’t remember ever seeing the little story. Talk about a trip down memory lane…

7 comments on “Google Search affords some fun memories!

  1. Privacy from your address, where you went to High School or unfortunately any answer you would use for a security question all seem to be easily accessible with today’s Google Search. Wow though giving birth to someone’s half sister! That is something I wouldn’t expect to find in a search. A picture in a newspaper for giving a speech and receiving the NY State Conspicuous Service Cross is a much better search result. What a fun day down memory lane you must have had.


    • Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for mentioning that your address is available for everyone. I was not happy when I saw that. Several years ago I met someone who ended up semi-stalking me and the only thing that gave me some comfort is that he didn’t know where I lived. I never made my address public so some person making the decision to make address publically available ought to be shot!

      Thanks for letting me vent Laura!


  2. It is so crazy to see what exactly is out there with our name attached to it! Things we think that are private are no longer private. That’s scary in its own right. Like Lauren mentioned, that is really bazar that someone would claim you gave birth to their half sister. I am also amazed that you were able to find something dating back to the 1980’s! I was not able to find results dating back too far for myself, but I too would have loved a little walk down “memory lane.”


    • Hi Megan,

      Yes, I am somewhat shocked that my address and age is out there for all to see. What next…our medical records? We are intrinsically private people and I guess the only thing we can do is band together and do what we can to change things. Yes, it is very disturbing. No wonder more and more hackers are able to get our banking info. Double yikes!

      Thanks for banging the Gatorgong Megan!


  3. Wow! You had such a different experience searching for yourself on Google than any of the other blogs I have read this week. You brought up a great point when you mentioned that it is hard especially for women to keep their age a secret. We already have a difficult time in the workforce, now we have to deal with social media invading our privacy?? When you talked about finding a Youtube video of yourself and did not know it existed, I thought to myself that this probably goes for the majority of us. There is probably videos and pictures of us in the front center of the image or video or even in the background not knowing that we are being photographed or recorded. You brought up great points that I feel are extremely valid in our society. I did not have the same experience searching for myself on Google. Most of my results were social media accounts and my profile pictures. I was intrigued to read others blogs who had different experiences!


    • Hello Victoria,

      Actually, I found out about the youtube video soon after it was posted, but the problem I have is that the event organizers posted it without my knowledge/permission. I just feel that the internet is highjacking our lives. It almost feels like the George Orwell “1984,” but this time big brother does whatever they want. The internet has it’s advantages but is also a beast.

      Thanks for stopping by Victoria!


  4. Hi Sylvia!
    I agree doing a Google search of yourself is kind of a surreal experience. It sounds like you had a fun experience seeing old pictures and reliving memories. It is a little unnerving to think about what your name can easily become attached to on the internet. Compared to your results, mine were quite run of the mill and really not that exciting.


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