Extra! Extra! Read all “a-Blog” it!

This week’s Gatorgong feature is showcasing and analyzing three blog sites I believe are among some of the best I’ve seen. See what you think!


week 5 1

Blog Type: The Krazy Coupon Lady began as a personal two-person hobby blog in 2008 and based on its success is now a professional blog/website.

Purpose: What started out as two young mothers shouting deals from their home computers has grown into a national phenomenon. The two friends now run a highly successful promotional couponing company with shopping tips, who work tirelessly to uncover the best deals in every category so families can afford to live well!

Uniqueness: Extremely well put together and highly robust with no stones unturned for the latest consumer product, grocery and department store discount offerings.

Brand Reflected? The Krazy Coupon Lady does not sport a distinct logo. It’s popularity rests in the title.

Driving Site Traffic: When searching “best grocery coupon blogs” this site was listed first on Google amidst more than a million results. Cross promotion on major channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, tumblr, reddit and Twitter.  According to freewebsitereport.org, the site is linked to 1,779 sites. Traffic is further driven to sites by guest appearances on major television talk shows.

week 5 2

Success traits: Good font size for readability. Really good use of graphics to zero in on products one may be searching for coupons/discounts, Continuity with box size fluctuation in proportion to amount of discounts. Extremely adept at cross promoting. Content super updated with top of site featuring latest minute/hourly best discounts. Many good quality current KCL video blog features include the site proprietors discussing hot topics such as many new rebate app features that just came out.

Blog Recommendations: Even though this is a really stout and hearty coupon and discount site, it is a little busy and could be considered on the side of circuslike.  With that said, I do see the validity of so much information and product graphics given the nature of the topic.

Advertisers? The sky would be the limit for potential paid advertisers.  Target, HR Block, Zulilly and women’s magazines are current advertisers. Because this site features so many brand product discounts, it is a virtual super-platform for free advertising. They currently have 500k subscribers. 

Two guys and some ipads

week 5 3

Blog Type: Two Guys and an iPad is a combination Group/Professional Blog.

Purpose: Even though it’s a really interesting and robust site, it was difficult to drill down the purpose because there was no “About” access. I had to proactively find out on the company website, DAQRI that the two guys (who are employees) focus on current and future trends/uses for 4D augmented reality, especially within the education community.

Uniqueness: After some research, it appears that that DAQRI features several top-notch blogs and this one is unique in that it only addresses 4D products in the education community. Where some company’s would put all subjects on one blog, they ingeniously made separate blogs for each of their consumer target markets. 

Brand Reflected? It was not apparent upon first impressions that the blog was part of a company. There is only one mention of the company in a box.  This may have been done purposely to entice the community that the blog was not primarily intended to be a sales pitch.

week 5 4

Driving Site Traffic: What drives the traffic to the blog? The unique name brings it at the top of the search of almost a million results (see above). The results also capitalize on SEO sub-categorizing descriptions usually afforded to major professional sites. There are a good amount of website and social media links including Google+, Blogger, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Share which features all major appropriate channels.  One of the most interesting IMC’s they implore is showcasing their lectures on itunes. The primary social media channel pushes are Google+ and Twitter which feature separate boxes to include recent tweets.

Success traits: What first impresses you when getting to the site is the outstanding use of the lead representative photo that sports the blog name.  It not only is big, but also features the two guys speaking at a large conference which gives them great credibility and a good reason for people to read and listen to what these guys are saying on the subject.

week 5 6

Advertisers? There aren’t any advertisers seeing as this is a professional blog site maintained by a sole company.  If this wasn’t a professional site, I would suggest asking for advertisers from any internet technology companies that would benefit from promoting 4D technology in learning environments such as 4Dtechnolgy.com or even Microsoft or Google.

Overall Recommendations: This is a very informative and attractive blog site. One recommendation is to change the main post format font size. It currently is too large and even though this may be good for people who are farsighted, it gives an “elementary school student” look and feel.


week 5 7

Blog Type: Movie-Blogger.com is a crowdsourced Group Blog

Purpose: To give any movie goer an opportunity to give movie reviews within a community of those who have a passion for movies. Everyone can publish movie reviews and create their own blogs, as well as cross commentary with other people on the site all with the mission of  making sure we watch great movies! On top of that you have your own user profile which will display all of your reviews and blogs, your favorite movies, a little bit about yourself, and lots more.

Uniqueness: Being a large scale crowdsourced site open to anyone, including all obscure genres. Interviews with some of the bloggers and Movie Club feature. Reviews are additionally  categorized on the appropriate ‘Genres’ page, ‘Decades’ page, and the ‘Latest Reviews’ page which are also promoted on the front page carousel. Really good posts are promoted on Facebook and Twitter. Worth mentioning is no one takes credit for establishing this site and there is no mention by name as to who maintains the site.

Brand Reflected? This is not a professional site even though formatting is consistent.

Driving Site Traffic: As well imagined, there are countless amounts of movie blogs but movie-blogger.com appeared in the top three among 539 million Google results. Their Twitter feeds and Facebook also drives traffic to the blog.

Success traits: This is a very well organized, yet informal site that would especially appeal to the average movie goer and in particular, those turned off by professional highbrow critiques. Another successful trait is a high turnover of fresh content as well as a being a one-stop source to see movie trailers. A great feature is showing the top three blog posts with the most views.  Several other of my favorite features:

  • Movie Club where a different movie is chosen weekly to review
  • Site administrators taking the time to interview some of the most loyal bloggers.
  • Cult heroes featuring some of the most movie memorable characters of the past
  • Polls such as the current one asking respondents to chime in on which is their favorite super hero group. (Avengers all the way baby!)
  • Many “calls to action” which makes this site a movie buff and budding critic’s dream.

week 5 8

Blog Recommendations: The Twitter feed is good. However, it’s really hard to determine which movie some of these Tweeters are talking about based on the intros. I would recommend encouraging more video blog commentaries seeing as this is a site whose audience is built solely on their appreciation for visuals and sound. Even though there are many movie trailers, I would feature at the top the new movies currently out or upcoming.  Many of the trailers at the top of the page are old.

Advertisers? Various including Liberty University, a Christian College; General Mills Food, Pentagon Federal Credit Union and Giant supermarket. Other potential advertisers could include Regal, Carmike or AMC theaters—especially if they offered a free ticket, soda, gift card for a mention on where they saw the film or any other promotional criteria deemed appropriate.

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