Integrated Marketing Plan Analyzation for Large-Scale Family Expo

Florida Kids and Family Expo Analysis


Background Summary

The first of an anticipated annual Florida Kids & Family Expo (FK&FE) will be held Saturday, Aug. 29 (10 a.m.-5 p.m.) and Sunday, Aug. 30 (11 a.m.-5 p.m.) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and sponsored by My Central Florida Family. The event will feature approximately 150 child and family-friendly companies with ideas, discounts, fun and entertainment.

Target Audience
Booth sponsors and vendors are the main contracted facilitators for the expo, but for the purpose of this communication strategy we will concentrate marketing efforts only on attendees. All parents with toddlers and school-aged children are our primary target audience, along with interested grandparents in the central Florida area. The event is specifically scheduled during a weekend to accommodate as many school-aged children as possible.


Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

According to the Harvard Family Research Project, a communications plan is an important part of an organization’s daily operation. As a living document, it frames media activities, including internal and external communications, clarifies the organization’s priorities, target audiences, resources and staff assignments. The Week says, “With social media fast becoming a key part of all businesses’ communication strategies, it is important not to get left behind. Pick the social media platforms that suit your business best, get the right team around you, engage with your audience and commit to building a long-term relationship with your customers. If you use social media right, the potential rewards are huge.”

Integrated Marketing Communications is a simple concept. It ensures that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together. The key in building a strategy for the Florida Kids and Family Expo is to carefully consider the best combination of multimedia channels to select as promotional tools that will work together in harmony.

According to MMC Learning: Marketing Communications, “Their sum is greater than their parts – providing they speak consistently with one voice all the time, every time.  Although IMC requires a lot of effort it delivers many benefits by creating competitive advantages, boosting sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress. IMC wraps communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process while nurturing customer relationships. At another level, initial research suggests that consistent images and messaging shared in online advertising, direct mail, outdoor advertising, print or broadcast media boost consumer awareness.”

Florida Kids and Family Expo Mission Statement, Vision and Goals

The mission statement, goals and vision are the crux of the core description and message continuity for the Florida Kid and Family Expo. It is important to be able to tell the media especially how a group wants to be described, otherwise they may come up with versions that may not be accurate.

Mission Statement: The Florida Kids & Family Expo is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with companies and organizations that provide services and products for families in Central Florida communities.

Goals: The primary goal is to develop and implement a communications plan for enhanced visibility to ultimately attract at least 15,000 attendees. Direct and indirect communication tasks to support this goal include these recommended engagement strategies:

  • Focus on inciting pre-event ticket sales to measure, monitor and gauge progress.
  • Generate positive media coverage in the 3rd Quarter (2015) through new and recently cultivated relationships with broadcast and print news organizations.
  • Use the most effective media channels available to enhance the Florida Kids and Family Expo’s overall image

Vision: Advance the Florida Kids and Family Expo agenda and value to influence the public’s desire to make this an annual event.

Strengths: Management has 10+ years of expo experience; Already have several TV and Radio Station Support; UF Grad Students strategy assistance; Indoor event not dependent on good weather.

Opportunities: Successful first expo could open opportunities in other regions in Florida; Success could open expanded opportunities in other states.

Additional Critical Thinking, Analytics and Closing Remarks
Additional Overall considerations
  • Youtube: Once you have your Youtube Account in place, create a Live Section to display upcoming and live events on your channel. Associate your channel with your website under Account Settings →Channel Settings → Advanced → Associated Website. This will help improve the quality of search results and verify your channel as the official representation of your brand on YouTube. Make sure you add interesting titles and clear descriptions to your videos, to give them the best chance of getting found and viewed. Finally, encourage viewers to share and embed your video.
  • Vimeo: This video sharing site is similar to YouTube, although tends to feature more professionally-produced, arty clips and recordings. Bring testimonials for life. Many companies use written testimonials on their websites. But you can create more interest and authenticity if you interview people or invite customers to upload videos of them at your events.
  • Add a personal touch. Welcome visitors to your website with a video intro. You can also introduce your staff or film a ‘day in the life.’ This type of content will add personality and bring your business to life. This could help someone decide they’d like to do business with you.
  • Instagram: After the expo begin building a solid Instagram presence and encourage people to share photos from recent events your site posts as well as for future expos. You will be able to have a lot of fun in developing a great contest for 2016 expo.
  • Feedback after expo: Gather all the feedback provided during and after the first expo and use them to improve the next experience.

Website: Once your first expo is accomplished and the dust has clearing, the next item on your agenda should be tracking for ROI. Seeing as My Central Florida Family is your brand’s primary website, one of the easiest ways to do this is through Google Analytics.  Checking the SEO effectiveness through organic search results, as well as result rankings is a good starting point. The key is to adjust keywords if you see dips in the SEO analytics to ensure people can locate the site when searching. I would also track your web pages for metadata field strength as well as the effectiveness of social media links by seeing how often the links.  You could also delve a little deeper into how well your content is working, and whether there are gaps or adjustments that need to be made. By looking at your expo landing page as well as the home page, you should get a better sense of what your visitors are interested in. The average visit time will help you determine how useful they feel the content is. Naturally a key indicator for ROI is the number of ticket sales derived through website visit conversions, and what sites brought them to you. Some other items you can check that may be valuable are statistical data on the bounce rates and how quickly people scoot to another site. Measuring your newsletter subscription data will also be a key.

Social Media: To get a good cross analysis as to which social media channels are performing the best during a specific period, “Simply Measured” is also a good tool which provides in-depth measurement for social media in one report.  This way you could get audience insights and profiles on content campaign performance through your use of hashtags, banner ads and overall cross-channel overview.  For example, you could monitor Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest after posting the winning videos on YouTube by linking simultaneously. You can also utilize Simply Measured to show anytime how your pages stack up to any competitors.  By running social reports you can see just how many people are finding your brand through each designated social media channel. By measuring the percentage of new visits, you can determine how effective your marketing strategies have been in building visitor interest and how that is translating into loyal customers/followers. You can also check Facebook Insights to see how many visits to your landing pages, which are the most popular, demographics most inclined to like or share, average stay time and how many pages they’ve visited to better determine overall ROI engagement.

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In Closing…

We covered a lot of ground by evaluating and analyzing what you have amazingly already established in your brief history. Next we focused on pinpointing and suggesting some recommendations that you can try to better the prospects of your overall success in making the Florida Kids and Family Expo the “go to” yearly event for local residents and businesses. Unlike being in the Midwest where this event would be a mega-huge deal, it is quite an admirable challenge seeing as you are in the world’s nucleus number #1 family tourist destination in the world. Yes, the bar is set high but that gives you even more credence for stepping up to the plate for your local families and businesses.  Congratulations for all the progress you have made so far and best wishes for all your future expo endeavors.  Thank you for allowing me to hopefully be of some service to you and your wonderful organization!

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