‘Nerd Tears’ Entertainment Reporter Maximizes Social Media


News reporters have really had to kick-it-into high gear the past several years to make that heavy social media transition or risk being left adrift. Especially expecting better engagement are the nimble-fingered smartphone millennials casting news people to sink or swim into the burgeoning “lead, follow or get the heck out of the way” daunting-digital tidal wave.

The great news is more and more journalists are surpassing the challenge by instituting innovative practices and taking full-advantage of Web information dissemination. It’s worth taking a moment to pay homage and learn some lessons from one of these trailblazers who’s pioneer spirit centers him in the bull’s-eye of the social media success circle.

Kevin McCarthy has been a local Washington, DC, entertainment reporter/film critic for Fox5 News since 2007 who gets tremendous extra social media mileage from his broadcast reports. His heightened digital popularity has even expanded his reports to FOX 29 (Philly) as well as nationally for Fox & Friends (below).

His first proactive social media venture was while attending George Mason University majoring in communications while taking film classes on the side. “I was doing movie reviews on my AOL Instant Messenger while working an internship at 106.7 WJFK-FM, in the promotions department.” After graduation he then began reviewing movies at the station on “The Junkies” morning show in 2005 where he continues every Friday.

nerd tears

Primary Website

Once he because a professional, he quickly established a website bdkreviews.com. However, ever since he coined the popular phrase “nerd tears” several years ago that continues to circulate and gain ground within the movie industry and Fox viewership (Watch Kevin introduce Nerd Tears to top actors), he has aptly rebranded the site http://nerdtears.com/. The website features his conversational writing style and unique rating system and sectioned cleanly into Fox5 Reviews, Favorite Movies, Interviews, Kevin’s Blog and Kevin&Josh Movie Show. On his blog he has a fun way of breaking down some of his favorite movies in more interesting genre’s such as Top Patriotic Films, Best Valentine’s Day Movies, Favorite Movie Dads, annual best and worst films as well as detailed Golden Globe and Oscar predictions.


Fox News Website


The Fox News website explains a little more about who he is and also features his latest movie reviews and extensive collection of celebrity interviews. He makes sure that all of his websites are updated several times a day including snapshots of his Facebook and Twitter activity.



Kevin takes full use of Youtube where he has posted an astonishing 7,120 celebrity interviews (Check out this one with Robert Downey Jr with more than 800,000 views) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq7Er_jNNvM

He also had the forward-thinking to establish his own youtube channel back in 2007 https://www.youtube.com/user/bdkreviewsdotcom/about which now has 3,000 subscribers and 6.5 million views.


Twitter @KevinMcCarthyTV

Where Kevin really shines and engages his 25,100 followers is through his use of Twitter where he has managed to post 42,200 Tweets and counting. https://twitter.com/KevinMcCarthyTV/with_replies.  One of his latest offerings in creating a more interactive exchange with his followers is to have them Tweet questions in advance of celebrity interviews which he generously gives responders credit during the taped interviews.



Making full use of his Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/NerdTearsTV Kevin posts many personal and touching moments surrounding his celebrity interviews such as when he met the Terminator’s bad guy Robert Patrick. He made sure he shared with Robert and the social media community that the Terminator movie was the catalyst and inspiration for him seeking a career within the movie industry. He keeps his banter very conversational and is very adept at quickly responding to visitors.

Other social media

Kevin also has a social media presence on:


On Instagram Kevin sports 813 Posts, 4,548 followers as well as following 395 account members.




(Great use of Nerd Tears Podcasts)

Thanks Kevin for taking your contagious enthusiasm not only to the airwaves, but also to current and countless future fans who will share in your “geeking out” and nerd tears cinematic adventures on social media.

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