Are Buyer Personas Really Necessary?

week 2.jpgPurpose of buyer personas

It only makes sense when assessing a client’s social media program to first have a clear picture of their customers.  To create effective content and messaging, the more you know the better.  Some overarching data that helps to build buyer personas include, age, gender, income, education, where they work, family/single.  It’s the little details that could be the difference in success so you can properly target based on living environments, television viewing and social media habits, where they shop and what influencers they use,  and what they value. Challenges in day-to-day living more importantly gives you an inroad on helping prospective and current customers make their lives easier.

The industry creates and uses buyer personas as a tool to ultimately reach the persons who need your products and services the most. The fun part is basing most of the personas on our best educated guesses because motivations, desires, core ethics and pet peeves can’t readily be retrieved. Trying to determine your primary and secondary stereotypical top consumers can help in locating where on social media you can find them, best times, and how they will typically react.  Even though the word “stereotype” usually carries negative connotations, in this case you’re goal is to humanize your best potential customer.

I like this guy’s “audience jacking” term re:buyer personas (Links to an external site.)

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