Alleluia! Pope Gives Tips on How to Write a Blog NOW! #BlogTips

week 4 popeOkay, his holiness didn’t really but just wanted to use a dramatic tweet entrance on the first lesson in blog success. If you don’t have a clever, attention-gaining blog hook, chances are you’ll fall as short as a leprechaun in an NBA butt-kickin’ contest trying to finagle people to your site.

Sure, might be ill-advised to under deliver—but you definitely have to bait that hook with something flashy in this uber- competitive, frenzy-filled, internet free-for-all if you want any measure of success. Oh, your first paragraph or two should pretty darn skippy as well.  Yippee!!!!!! (Okay that last was a bit over the top but work with me here—we’re talkin’ blog sensationalism and definitely the occasion to go big or go home!)

week 4 spock-funny-blogging-meme

Hook readers with an engaging and seemingly irrelevant photo and then follow up with your supported key argument.

Mashable (Links to an external site.) reports that more than 150,000 unique domains are added each day, making the expansive Internet a virtual worm hole for bloggers, podcasters, webcasters, and Internet marketers. As marketers we’ve been pummeled with “content is king” and blogging is where you need to be. Okay, the destination is clear, but how do we get noticed before our typing fingers start looking like disfigured snausages?

Here’s an off-the-cuff tip you probably haven’t heard before, “Crowdsource some comedians to punch up your brand’s blog.”

What? Is she serious? Absolutely because good humor is extremely hard for anybody to write. While you’re at it, use their clever wit with social media posts.  I’m not talking trying to subcontract Amy Schumer or Jim Gaffigan. Up-and-coming comics have one thing in common—they like to eat! This can be an inexpensive, untapped source that’s begging to be unleashed. Needless to say—pay according to what you use, which gives them even better incentive to rein in their wit with quality offerings to match your brand’s needs.

What other unique blogging nugget usually hit the mark?

Stop being self-serving. I know that’s kind of tough for a brand but you got to try.  As Guy Kawasaki, famed author and AllTop editor-in-chief says, “Follow the National Public Radio method — feed good content most of the time and the one time you want something, people will be receptive to your pitch.”

Three more points and I’m outta here.

Have a couple snappy images, make it conversational and keep it short!

week 4 gator

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