Let’s Generate Social Media Leads!

week 6 1A main priority for just about all business social media programs is finding high-quality leads that generate sales.  I thought this was a good time to delve into some effective, maybe lesser-used techniques to connect with potential customers. One thing connects these—they are generally more work and that’s why many sway away.  I guess the old adage of “nothing good comes easy” is alive and kicking within the social media discipline.

Podcasts and webinars are a method of generating leads.  According to 5 Unexpected Ways to Generate Leads Online (Links to an external site.), even though the ability has been around for over a decade, it’s still a relatively lesser-used tactic but a good hedge bet based on approximately 2% of a person’s day spent listening to various audio sources. Needless to say that number is much higher for young adults which many consider a target group worth investing. A well-planned and executed podcast can not only help build backlinks and improve company search engine rankings, but listeners can quickly turn into high-quality customers. At my current job where we cater to the military health community, webinars are one of our best tools, which makes perfect sense seeing as medical doctors are a sought after commodity by most people’s standards seeing as we are all affected by health issues.

While many organizations immediately run to Facebook and Twitter accounts in an effort to generate some sort of beneficial social media buzz, these are choppy discussion channels.  Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and some online business communities are more formatted for open discussions in real time. Open webinars that allow for question-and-answer sessions are considered ‘very useful’ by 92% of webinar attendees (Links to an external site.). They build trust, share visions and expectations and get to know people that can become good customers. Only 32% of marketers believe that they are effectively executing enough content. Again, it’s time-consuming work.

Converting leads on social media

It’s most certainly a challenge to not create “why your company is so great” copy. What is effective content? Landing pages should be simple, useful, specific, aesthetically pleasing and solve problems for potential leads. An overly complex page that takes too long to load and even longer to understand won’t even register a second glance from most visitors.

In connection with the social media funnel, ideally to turn people who have never heard of your brand into loyal customers, we need to move them through each stage of the conversion process.

The first step to almost any funnel is to increase awareness by posting in enough social media streams to make an actual difference. One of the quickest ways to exponentially increase social reach is to get a post shared. According to The 5 Steps to a High Converting Social Media Funnel (Links to an external site.),

They recommend “actually mentioning other popular companies and thought leaders in your space and build on that relationship so that when they’re looking for content to share you stay top of mind.”

As the popular networks continue to decrease free social media reach, we marketers on restrictive budgets need to find creative ways to reach our audience without having to pay for ads. Real-time marketing uses popular current events or trends in order to boost relevance and increase overall reach. I thought one of the best examples is during the 2014 Grammy’s when singer Pharrell came out on stage with a strange hat.  Arby’s seized the moment and gained over 77,000 RTs and faves.

week 6

Who else is doing it right?

One company doing an extremely good job at engaging with its customers is Royal Dutch Airlines which changes the header image of its Twitter profile every five minutes to tell customers how long they should expect to wait before hearing a response. The airline also managed to reach 100% engagement rate, an astounding feat for such a large company.

GoPro encourages users to share their photos on Instagram and to tag the company in order to win the “Photo of the Day” contest. The best part of this contest for GoPro is that each time a contest participant takes a photo and tags their GoPro, the participant’s followers will be exposed to the brand as well.

Krave cereal ran a test (Links to an external site.) and found that customers exposed to multiple promoted tweets are 12% more likely to have an intent to purchase.

GNC found that many were asking questions about health and GNC products on social channels. By actively engaging on social, GNC was able to increase inbound sales from social media by 25%.

CrazyEgg founders would speak at any and all marketing events (Links to an external site.) that would have them. Not all the events matched up perfectly with the product, but the marketing plan drove 100,000 new users in just two years,

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