Which Brand Rocks Contests on YouTube?

maxresdefaultLay’s potato chips scores big on maximizing their YouTube presence when it comes to customer engagement in the form of contests as well as other’s indirectly promoting their product.

Here are the five videos I feel best round out the Lay’s brand presence on YouTube.


Lay’s — Wouldn’t It Be Yummy?

I challenge anyone not to watch this video Lay’s put together and not only think it’s fun and entertaining, but has that jingle you can’t get out of your head. It’s sheer genius because it also offers customer engagement in the form of a million dollar contest.  Now that’s catering to the customer the right way! Out of the 787 comments, most are short and succinct such as:

  • “Gr8 another song stuck in my head”
  • “I love this commercial. It would be nice if it was an ad again…”
  • “you took my ideas like the double cheese burger and the spaghetti and meatballs”



Exotic Potato Chip Blindfold Guessing Game

Unlike the former video that was corporate sponsored, this video is much more subjective to the brand and cleanly based on a blind taste test with other chips.  YouTube is a breeding ground for using as a backdrop for all kinds of taste testing.  It’s an easy event to put together because all you need is a food and some subjects.  The fun and entertainment value is captured when people have extreme responses.  When it’s negative it’s generally funny.  Positive responses are a great customer testimonial to the biggest degree.  This was a very popular video with more than 3 million views. Some of the 3,370 comments included much more random comments that made no sense:


  • “I’ll take a potato chip…….AND EAT IT” guess what reference…”
  • “Death Note(Light vs L)”
  • “The cool Pig death note lol”


About 20% were positive in general even though many don’t point to Lay’s specifically.  The bottom line is that watching people try chips will generally make a person hungry for chips…all positive.

  • “Anyone else find the rustling of the bag and the crunching satisfying”
  • “Theres coffee chips?? gimme some”
  • “Weezy yzeeW i haven’t tried that! My fav is the biscuits and gravy”
  • “I got hungry because of this. now I want to eat some chips”
  • “Does anyone know if the Mango Salsa ones are still available?? I had them once and i loved them. I can’t find them at any stores now”



mod POTATO CHIPS Mod! (Garry’s Mod)

This video is a little kooky and for the gamer community where they made a modification that has the subject walking around with a potato chip bag and using chips as a weapon. “Watch as we explore a large shopping center as we do all sorts crazy things like throwing Potato Chips at one another, slaying dinosaurs, and even blowing up cars with them!” The video yields more than 3 million views and 3,612 comments. Needless to say there is little to no mention of Lays but because Lay’s is the number one potato chip brand world, it would be a plus for Lay’s when chips are being used in a generic context because this would conjure most thinking of Lay’s by default increasing the free advertising potential.

  • “how did he die man–he got hit in the face with a bag of potato chips”
  • “i love what it says on the back of the potato chips ” just eat it its fricken delicious 😀
  • “i was eating a cheese burger watching this then i said ”man i want chips now” XD


Top 10 Potato Chip Flavors

Even though this video was one of the lowest viewed with just over a million that “WatchMojo.com” sponsored, this was an outstanding success for Lay’s because out of the top flavors, Lay’s was mentioned:

#6 Jalapeno and Cheddder

#5 Ketchup

#3 Sour cream and onion

#2 Salt and Vinegar

#1 Barbeque


At the end of the video they even drew attention by showing a clip of Lay’s commercial featuring Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head  where they are in a closet eating the chips. There were also some Lay’s mentions in this video movie clips like “Half Baked,” as well as the television shows “Madmen” and “Trailer Park Boys.” Other products only wish they could experience the same kind of success as a YouTube video such as this. Many of the commenters also brought attention to those chips that are their favorites with many Lay’s mentions.


Lays Potato Chip Challenge, Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Contest by HobbyKidsTV


I attempted to find a video popular video with Lay’s brand mention that wasn’t a taste test but couldn’t find one.  It appears that test testing is the big draw on YouTube to snacks and chain restaurant food. However, this video with 1 million views was a little different and put together by a family featuring a taste test of the four new flavors of 2015. What makes it entertaining is the three young kid reactions and the mom also garners fans. Out of the 266 comments, most were nonsensical, but many made suggestions for other challenges such as pizza, chocolate, cereal, ice bucket, smoothie, etc.


Summary: Overall, the biggest disappointment is that Lay’s didn’t engage in any YouTube response.  Because these responses are primarily positive, this would be the perfect scenario to banter with the Lay’s fans.  Doesn’t make sense to put so much thought and energy in providing top notch customer centric contests that opens the gate wide open to fun social media conversation with no one minding the store.  Looks like the marketing team is on top of things but the social media team needs a few lessons in maximizing “on a silver platter” opportunities.

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