Channels to use in building a strong online personal brand?

personal-brand-basicsThat completely depends on the main characteristics of the personal brand.  Needless to say all the big overarching channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr) can pretty much benefit any brand.  However, for the different professions that generally churn out popular/talented people, there are many grassroots’ promotional community channels established and available.  For professional athletes it would be much different of a target audience than those who follow established actors/actresses. Plus each sport is broken down even further into different teams that attract specific fans.  Just recently I was vacationing with my college lacrosse-player nephew who recognized a guy at the amusement park who happened to be one of the top lacrosse players in the world.  How did he know this? By very specific stovepipes of information available online, many of which are rightfully fueled by personal brands.

One the other hand, people who are into artists–brand communication venues and forums can also vary from one spectrum to another depending upon which genre you are following such as painters, poets, screenwriters, journalists, singers, musicians, comedians, modern dancers, ballet, sculptors, etc.  Luckily, there are so many grassroot-level communities to support and cater to every possible fan-based hobby, following, pastime, and profession. Facebook is definitely one of the easiest methods of following a personal brand.

One last thing about fan-based personal brands.  All these folks have one thing in common–they are popular for varying reasons (money, fame, talent, good looks).  I don’t subscribe to regular professionals being lumped into the same stratosphere. Even though I know everyone is theoretically classified as a personal brand, I don’t see putting much effort into building a super profile for run-of-the-mill professionals.  Besides our coworkers, family and friends visiting more out of obligation, what’s the point.  Even when I put a lot of effort in my online brand profile (LinkedIn) when looking a new job it helped me very little and I’ve heard others say the same.  Sure, I think many employers may do a quick “google” check on you, but that’s more looking for the negative so in this regard it is imperative to keep your online nose clean.

As far as some of the worst things a personal brand can do,  6 Worst Personal Branding Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them (June 2016) , mentions :

1)      Being fake and insincere

2)      Being a people-pleaser

3)      Acting without thinking

4)      Favoring quantity over quality

5)      Focusing Exclusively Online

6)      Not Strategizing

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