Search Engine Optimization Keywords Case Study

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I’m a real foodie so the company I used as a case study (because it owns my favorite food product—Orville Redenbacher popcorn) –is ConAgra® Foods.  ConAgra was formed in 1861 by pork ‘n’ beans king Gilbert C. Van Camp and officially became  Nebraska Consolidated Mills in 1919 during its first overseas expansion in 1957. NCM became ConAgra in 1971.

Here are the keywords listed in order as they came up in the results for the ConAgrafoods website with the top listing coming up first. I also noted which websites were listed above

  • Banquet (1st)
  • Orville Redenbacher (2nd listing behind
  • Chef Boyardee (3rd listing behind and
  • Parkay (3rd listing behind and
  • La Choy (3rd listing after com and
  • Hunt’s (4th listing behind,,
  • Wesson (5th listing behind,,,
  • Hebrew National (5th listing behind,,,
  • Marie Callendars (6th listing behind,,, com and
  • Peter Pan *(I originally searched the term “Peter Pan” and ConAgrafoods came up 16th primarily being superseded by the fictional character. After changing to “peter pan peanut butter” came up 4th behind, and

Just to set the record straight, ConAgra Foods also owns Reddiwhip, Swiss Miss, PAM, Healthy Choice, David’s Sunflower seeds, Dennison, Egg Beaters, Fiddle Faddle, Fleischman’s, Guldens, Anderson, P.F. Changs, Pen Rose, Rosarito, Ranch Style beans, Andy Capps, Bertolli, Act II Popcorn, Alexia, Wolf Brand Chili, Blue Bonnet, Crunch ‘n’ Munch, Kangaroo, Kid Cuisine, Libby’s, Rotel, Spicetec and Slim Jim. The companies/products I chose above happen to be their oldest holdings.

All keywords appear on ConAgra’s homepage with codes embedded in each of the brand logos. I believe this is primarily because of the volume of companies they own.

Because of the high volume of products, I was actually surprised to see “ConAgra” listed high in the rankings on Google. I expected to see each of the actual brand websites, but not the more obscure affiliation to ConAgra foods.


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